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Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression Therapy Sessions

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“Every person’s map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint. There are no two people alike. No two people understand the same sentence the same way… So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be.”

The quote above sets the stage for our approach to what works in counseling and psychotherapy. John Burns, LCSW, first studied Milton Erickson’s work in graduate school and strives to approach each person as completely unique. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach that respects the unique journey of the individual.

John has been a licensed clinical social worker for more than 25 years and has worked in hospital settings, substance abuse treatment units, family therapy clinics, and Employee Assistance Programs. He opened the Montgomery Counseling Group (TMG) in Charlotte, NC to specializes in the areas of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

The mission of TMG is to offer you truly individualized service. We use research-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Clinical Hypnosis in a peaceful, caring atmosphere to help with depression, grief, parental concerns, trauma, and more.

Experience, Trainings & Associations

  • 30+ years of direct counseling and psychotherapy experience working with individuals, couples and families
  • Member National Association of Social Workers
  • Member American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • North Carolina Approved Clinical Supervisor
  • Trained in Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for Trauma & PTSD
  • Utilizes proven, research-based approaches: Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR.
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