Effective Stress Management: Breathing

Harvard Business Review: Why Breathing is so Effective in Reducing Stress

How can simple breathing be so effective in reducing stress?  The research shows that different emotions are associated with different forms of breathing, and so changing how we breathe can change how we feel. For example, when you feel joy, your breathing will be regular, deep, and slow. If you feel anxious or angry, your breathing will be irregular, short, fast, and shallow. When you follow breathing patterns associated with different emotions, you’ll actually begin to feel those corresponding emotions. Read the full article here HBR: Breathing.

Stress management therapy has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Unmanaged stress can turn deadly if ignored for too long. Stress can come from a variety of triggers. While stress management techniques like breathing, meditation, and exercise can help reduce stress, if the underlying triggers are not addressed, it will continue to come back. This is why stress management therapy is helpful. Montgomery Counseling Group in Charlotte, NC will help you identify these stressors and help you develop techniques to overcome them.